Wicked Tree Gear Wicked Stick Pole Saw


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The guys at Wicked Tree Gear are at it again. You know the Hand Saw, you know the Bone Saw but this is what every Treestanding Hunter dreams of! The Wicked Tree Gear Wicked Stick Pole Saw sits at a little over 3 feet in length and is perfect for clearing lanes and cutting branches and limbs that are just out of your reach or far enough that the hand saw wouldn’t be able to get at. This will definitely be the Lightest and strongest saw you will ever use! Utilizing there Rugged Cast Aluminum saw head and hinge mechanism makes this guy a beast and will out perform any other saw you have. They also give you a curved blade design that makes cutting even easier and eliminates you having to raise and lower the pole. Overall it’s a killer design, killer product and if it’s a Wicked Tree Gear you know it’s the best!Rugged cast aluminum saw head & hinge mechanism- strong and lightCurved style arborist blade- Wicked Sharp Impulse hardened high-carbon steel blade- Cuts smooth, and fast, through all types of wood and treesRugged Hinge design allows super-compact packing-carrying sizeZero Slop hinge Lock incorporates heavy duty hardware and innovative rubber compression pad to eliminate blade slop for maximum cutting efficiencyStrong and comfortable tube designVideo – Wicked Tree Gear Stick Pole Saw


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