Solio Alva USB Powered LED Light


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Connect the ALVA to any Solio solar battery pack or other USB power source then string it up in your campsite, tent, beach, or backyard easily with the adjustable carabiner on the cord and enjoy the light in the night. The three- meter-long cord allows plenty of reach between your power source and the area to light. Solio products that power the ALVA include the BOLT, CLASSIC2, Xcellerator+Hub.Unlike other USB lights that waste energy, the Alva has a long battery run time. 15 hour run time from Solio ‘Classic2’ 9 hour run time from Solio Bolt or Xcellerator + Hub.Comes with: USB Powered LED ligth with built in 3 Meter cord and NiteIze carabiner ‘Cam Jam’ cord-adjuster


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