Garmin Oregon 650 GPS


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Garmins Oregon 650 opens a new world of GPS mapping and positioning with their high-sensitive GPS and GLONASS satellite tracking, worldwide basemap with shaded relief and customizable buttons for 1-touch image capture and waypoint marking. Stay in touch with your surroundings and venture onto a new beginning. Display Brightness – Reflective display technology uses external light, such as sunlight, in combination with the device’s LED backlight to increase brightness and viewing. Plus, you conserve power by not having to turn the backlight up. Dual Orientation – View maps and data in portrait or landscape mode. Landscape mode is great for typing and road navigation. Flashlight – Torch has high and low brightness levels and strobe options to conserve battery power.Advanced Elevation Plot – Full Track view lets you see the entire elevation plot and quickly move your zoomed view to any place on the plot. Future Plot uses your mapping data to show what to expect ahead.Improved Trip Computer – Get 33 percent more data on screen at once with new layout options. Add multiple pages of data fields, each customizable to 1 of 4 layouts: 2 large, 1 large and 4 small, 6 small or 8 small. Activity Tracking (Calendar) – Track your accumulated activities, waypoints and geocaches; tracks on the day you do them.Advanced Waypoint Management – All data is displayed and editable on 1 screen. Delete 1 or multiple waypoints at a time from the Waypoint Manager menu.Wireless Capable: Bluetooth(R) and ANT – Now you can wirelessly transfer large files such as photos, geocaches, adventures, routes and Custom Maps between Oregon 600-series devices (or with Garmin Basecamp Mobile). Plus, new technology allows your routes, waypoints and tracks to transfer up to 50 times faster. Oregon is also ANT+ wireless compatible for heart rate, cadence, chirp(TM) and tempe(TM) sensors.Dashboards/nuvi(R) Mode – Dashboards let you hide and show more functions to your favorite app. With this at-a-glance information, you can multi-task without having to disable the app.


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