Easton Archery Case Cube Accessory Pocket


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The Easton Archery Case Cube Accessory Pocket is perfect for those who have a lot of gear and prevents sights and any sort of accessory from bouncing around in your case and somehow causing damage to itself or your bow. The bottom has a velcro lining that sticks perfect to the fleece lining in all of the Easton soft/hard cases and will keep everything in one convenient place. The lid is going to be a soft clear plastic so you can always tell what is in it while having a mesh layer on the bottom of the plastic prevents any gear from scratching or making a hole, overall prolonging it’s use. Maximize your space by having all of your gear placed in a certain spot and reduce the chances of something happening.Most efficient bow case accessory storage system ever createdDurable 2.5″ deep fabric construction with padded surrounds and clear mesh zippered closureMaximize your space by organizing gear in and around your bow inside your caseHook and loop attachment for customized fit and easy in-and-out accessory storage


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