Bitzenburger Arrow Fletching Tool



For as long as you can remember, Bitzenburger has been the leader of the fletching world since they were first introduced back in the 50’s. Thanks to its die cast Aluminum construction, the tool is able to freestand because of the weight and since it has the die cast mineral burn, glues and adhesives won’t bond to the actual clamp making this tool able to last a generation and beyond. The Bitzenburger comes in two main styles, the Right Wing (Right Helical) and the Straight clamp option. As the bows now adays are getting faster and faster, the use of Helical has been less and less but some guys love getting that extra rotation which leads to better penetration and enhanced flight! This tool has so many features and adjustments that it is well worth the cost compared to any rival fletching tool on the market and this solid investment will last forever. Ask your old man what he used back in the day and I’m sure Bitzenburger was his tool of choice!Incredible precision for vane placementQuality Die Cast Aluminum Construction for durability and extended lifeCan be used to fletch 3 or 4 vanes by tightening or loosing allen key above nock receiver (Takes seconds)Can be used to fletch vanes or feathersArrow shelf utilizes an automatic center for perfect placement every. single. time.Easy clean up


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