Wilderness Athlete Protein Plus


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Universally recognized as the most important dietary macronutrient, protein comes in many shapes and forms, from a multitude of food sources. It is the only nutrient that supplies us with the amino acids we need to build muscle and virtually every other body tissue, including bones, arteries, organs, blood cells, and so forth. Two important criteria determine the nutritional quality of a dietary – its digestibility and its amino acid composition. High digestibility means that the amino acids from which the protein is built can readily be released during its breakdown in the GI tract. Amino acid composition reflects the amounts and ratio of the protein’s essential amino acids relative to the body’s specific requirement for them.Wilderness Athlete Protein Plus is a highly-digestible, ultra-quality blend of dietary proteins that provides the exact profile of amino acids needed by the body. This extremely low fat, low carb formulation is further fortified with free branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) plus the vitamins and minerals that are required for proper protein metabolism and muscle physiology. Available in both chocolate and vanilla varieties, Protein Plus is unsurpassed in taste, consistency, and nutritional value.


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