Hips X2 Grizzly Archery Target


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X2 Grizzly The Hips X2 Grizzly is a BEAST. If you shoot Victory, Easton Injection or Carbon Express Pile Driver arrows, this is your archery target. The X2 Grizzly is simply the final word in arrow stopping power. Whether you’re using any one of today’s most innovative compound bows shooting over 350 fps or even one of the industry’s latest crossbows, some delivering speeds in excess of 400 fps, the X2 Grizzly’s high density foam takes shot after shot and just keeps asking for more. Like all Hips’ X2 targets, the Grizzly features 2-inch thick layers of Endurance Foam which are heat-welded for unmatched strength and durability. Whether using field tips, expandables or fixed blades, head-to-head the Hips X2 Series targets experience less shred than thin, horizontally-layered competitors and can be shot on all six sides.


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