Goat Tuff Arrow Fletcher



This is a game changer! The Goat Tuff Arrow Fletcher is so easy to use, anyone can use it! It’s compact, design enables you to take it with you on your hunt, at the range, or wherever you see fit and even has mounting holes if you want to attach it to your workbench. The Fletcher comes with multiple vane plates that can be inserted with ease and can also be adjusted so you can have perfect placement EVERY SINGLE TIME! Features:Easy to useThree and Four Fletch capablePrecise Fletching every single timeFletch a dozen arrows in under 20 minutes!Four different vane/helical plates – a. 1/2 degree for 4″ vanes – b. 1 degree for 4″ vanes – c. 2 degree for 3.25″ vanes – d. 3 degree for 2.25″ vanesUnique designCan also be used to replace a single vane!Video -How to Use the Goat Tuff Arrow Fletcher


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