CBE Tek-Hybrid Pro Dovetail Movable Sight


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The CBE Tek-Hybrid Pro Dovetail Movable Sight is a force to be reckoned with. Taking it’s old Dovetail design, the engineers went back to the drawing boards of how to make the site better by making it more user friendly. The result is the last sight you will ever buy! The Hybrid Pro features a 4″ dovetail that makes for easy on/off and giving you the perfect adjustability with your peep and overall groupings. This year they also introduced an all new Third-Axis block incorporated right into the dovetail system, giving you the option to adjust it in your dovetail or your bubble. One of the best features that was added to this sight this year is the inter-changeable sight tape which are held in by two allen cap screws. This opens up a new world of being able to have multiple sight tapes for different arrows and giving you the ability to simply switch the plate to the corresponding arrow, rather then peeling it off and sighting in again. This is a huge advancement and will be perfect for those who like to really test out arrow performances or for those that shoot the same bow for 3D and Hunting. Comes in a variety of options (Single, 3-Pin or 5-Pin)Fully enclosed Rhino PinsFully machined aluminum constructionInter-changeable rear-facing site tape platesMicro adjust windage unit with laser engraved markings (right and left) and indicator windowFully micro-adjustable – super precise to-the-yard adjustment3rd axis levelingTool-less adjustment (other than dovetail gang adjustment)Stainless steel bolts – no more rustingRheostat light included!


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